Chef Gagandeep Sabharwal - Chef Jet Airways In Flight Dining

Meet Chef Gagandeep Sabharwal, Chef Food and Beverage developments - in-flight dining at Jet Airways. In today's Chef Corner, we have a candid chat with Chef Gagandeep and his take on the world of food and serving culinary delights. Read on...

Chef GaganDeep Jet Airways

Q.1 What is your Favorite Food Memory?

A-    Favorite food memory was to eat ningru churpi, Ningru is a wild shoot vegetable only found in the North eastern valleys and churpi is a homemade cheese made in the north eastern part of indian, I learned this in Baiguney(Sikkim). It was fun to discover a whole new ingredient which I many have not even heard about, you cannot even google it. And then with this I tried and do something exciting and brought it into my menu and made a signature salad, bruschetta and even a desert…. I loved it …. :)
Q.2 How do you get your Inspiration?

A-    My mother is my biggest Inspiration, she always creates magic when she is in the kitchen. When I will open my signature restaurant I will ask her to standardise the recipes for the signature dishes of my restaurant
Q.3 Funniest Kitchen Incident ……

A-    Kitchen is not a funny place, it all about focus and determination. After working for long hours you have no energy to have fun. Ahaha!! But still we do fun by celebrating birthdays or craking jokes around.
Q.4 Who in the Food world do you admire the most?

A-    Chef Soundararajan and Chef Satish Arora who I admire a lot, but I would also like to the add here is that the a good teacher is the one who brings you to the reality of the hospitality industry and that credit goes to Chef Kumar, my mentor during my college days. Chef Kumar seasoned me to sustain inn this industry.
Q.5 What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with? Why?

A-    For me I guess a Crab is the most challenging ingredient to work with, you cannot do much with it, it’s very difficult to think for new variation’s from this ingredient.
Q.6 Do you cook at home ? What is your favorite dish which you love to cook when you are at home?

A-    Yes sometimes I do cook at home, but most of the time I love to relish food cooked by mother. But when I cook I loved to cook mutton curry homestyle and have it with Zeera Pulao, with nice tossed salad, boondi raita  and to finish it with fruit custard…. Yummy!!!!! I have already started to feel the taste….
 Q.7 What do you love the most about your Job?
A-    My job gives me a free hand to learn and explore the best in world, as chef when you travel you like to explore the local cuisine and learn learn and learn….. A chef never gets bored with his work sky is the limit and trust me the more you grow up the ladder the more you love your job.

Q.8 What would you say is your best masterpiece in the Kitchen?

A-    This is something like you ask a mother ,who is her best child, the reply you will get is all my children are the Best. So for a Chef a Best masterpiece is the end to his creativity. So Chefs create masterpiece everytime whenever they are in the kitchen. But as of today, I think a Barista Lamb Chop with Green pea pilaf was a dish I crafted with love and passion.
Q.9 What is your greatest strength ? How does it help you as Chef?

A-    Any team loves to work with a leader and not a boss. And I feel, when I work with my team on the kitchen floor the energy level in my kitchen reaches an new level. I guess to have earned my team's confidence is my greatest strength.

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